5.1 Speakers

Tribe Series Speakers
Square ceiling speaker with multiple drive units
There's something comforting knowing that not only do Totem make such musically engaging speakers in HiFi, but they extend this to install products as well. Their drive units produce such a rich and majestic tone, with no more than three active and three passive used in this superb in-ceiling model.
In-wall models from £950, In-ceiling £1025
Excite Series Speakers
Five various loudspeakers in grey
The Excite range merges all the attributes of Dynaudio's older budget Audience range with a touch of the openness and involvement found in higher models. Winning audio awards since launch, 'Excite'in surround starts with a combination of the X14 stand mount speakers with an X24c centre and Sub250II.
5.1 Surround from £3,500
Focus Series Speakers
Five various loudspeakers
The Focus range always turns heads in our Studio showroom here in Egham, a superb room filler with real get up and go. Set in surround mode with the entry 160 model, a 210c centre and Sub600 subwoofer - everything becomes clearer and in focus! Larger models include the superb 260, 340 and 380.
5.1 Surround from £6250 No longer made