About Us

About Us

Custom Electronic Design are based in offices at Charter Place in Egham and  launched in March 2009. The director, Dave Adams, chose the site when moving from Audio T Epsom. Egham which is close to London and the M25 seemed the perfect base for Audio T Custom in 2006. From there, he and the team serviced many of the Audio T customers across the capital and the South East.

In 2009 a decision was made to purchase the business from Audio T, rename it, create the UK's best custom install team and showrooms and go forward and prosper! Custom Electronic Design have now built up a large new valued client base of their own and cherish their previous clientelle from 2006.

In 2011 Custom Electronic Design were the winners of the Essential Install award for the best Whole House Project. This beautiful property based in Egham enjoyed the very latest Smart Home Solutions. 

The core team have worked together for many years and have common interests; a passion for recorded and live music, cinema and film, and enjoy the creativity of lighting design, smart home technology and control systems.

Pulling many different electronic components together and making them work seamlessly and consistently requires knowlege and experience. Regular training courses and keeping up to date with the latest technology is paramount to maintaining a slick professional team.