Brands you can trust..

At Custom Electronic Design it would be too easy to just offer products that receive 5 star magazine reviews. They have to be 'winners' to our eyes and ears. All of our staff have a say in the selection process and regularly meet the suppliers that provide great support, training and have consistently produced market leading products.

Our suppliers are our partners; together we work to bring you the ultimate in home electronic solutions.

We have a superb and massive range of equipment for you to audition throughout our showrooms, which are regarded by some in the industry as the best facility of its kind in the UK right now.

jays keff naim
anthem arcam naim
chord crestron denoon
dynaudio CYP futureglass
Acoustic Signature mode naim
panasonic pmc samsung
sim2 Dynavector Renaissance Amplification
Paradigm Edwards Audio HifiMan
Velodyne Ruckus Quadraspire
Spectral Sonos Sony
Totem Acoustic WyreStorm Stewart Filmscreen
Blanks Russound