Our Boardroom Zone 

Our Boardroom is a luxurious hi-tech multifunction space which can comfortably seat up to 6 people. A Crestron touch-screen allows monitoring of CCTV cameras as well as controlling automation of the lighting. Guests are able to connect a laptop via a desktop pop up module for PowerPoint presentations on the flush-mounted LCD monitor, or via the drop down projector and 8' screen. The boardroom also doubles up as cinema, with the ability to play DVD films from a server as well as distributed music and radio.

Boardroom with projector disappearing into ceiling
Boardroom with control system and LCD TV installed
Boardroom with lighting and climate control
Meeting room with TV installed and presentation system
Super smart tidy cabling behind a rack by Huw Connibeer
Home office area with lighting presets and music control from PC
System equipment housed in tall pro racking flush with cabinetry
Cabling and patch bay smartly installed by Huw Connibeer, CED
Equipment angled shot, in a racking system