The Studio Zone

Our Studio area has been tailored for auditions of our HiFi range, with comfortable seating. The music fan can take their pick from vinyl playback, to the world's best CD players or browse high resolution stored music files from servers, their own iPod or a USB device.

Our brands, experience, attention to detail and hospitality make us one of the best Hi-Fi dealers anywhere. We can help you effortlessly choose your next music system or upgrade that will bring you many years of enjoyment.

Studio zone shot with TV's, speakers etc
Demonstration studio shot with hifi, sofa and speakers
HiFi system on a maple and black rack with floorstanding speakers
close up shot of world's best iPod dock!
Smart black glass HiFi rack with hifi system
Tall loudspeaker with hifi amplifier angled shot
Very large speakers and hifi system in CED studio showroom
Evening music event attendees listening
Evening music event attendees listening