Av Amplifiers

AVR 750 AV Receiver
Home cinema amplifier in black, fascia view
Our Cambridge based friends at Arcam set their goals high with every AVR they release. Often, the best choice for those who require great stereo and 5.1 or 7.1 audio as well. The new AVR 750, as seen in our Cinema Demo room is superb, with its high grade video conversion and HiFi heritage sound.
Anthem Statement
D2v 3D Processor
Super featured audio video processor with rack ears, front view
The D2v 3D has been the new benchmark home cinema processor for the last four years stunning all journalists, retailers and end users. Partnered with a suitable power amplifier and using reference level video and audio processing, a 'Statement' system will form the heart of the best home theatre.
Anthem Statement
A5 Power Amplifier
Black 5 channel home cinema power amplifier, front view
With an ultra-quiet massive toroidal power supply, the A5 can deliver up to 225 watts RMS into all 5 channels. This means control and full authority over your loudspeaker's drivers and cabinet. Partner the A5 with your Anthem MRX or a Statement Processor and relish the clarity and dynamics on offer.
Anthem Statement
M1 Mono Power Amplifier
super slim 1000 watt d class power amplifier
Launched by Anthem late 2011, this D Class monaural amplifier offers a mind blowing 1000 watts of audiophile power into an 8 Ohm load. Designed to present the very best dynamic range, coherent bass and clarity across the full audio range. We fully recommend the M1 as one of our ultimate products.