Naim Audio
Super Lumina Cable
Naim Super Lumina Cables
Super Lumina speaker cables have been designed by Naim to meet their “Statement” standards of performance. Super Lumina cables minimise the effect of external & internal interference sources. Each Super Lumina speaker cable is hand assembled at Naim to meet each individual customer’s specification
£ dependant on specification required
The Chord Company
Crimson Interconnect Cable
Red audio cable
At the entry level for the Chord Company range sits Crimson. Without trying to extend the highs or lows, Crimson maintains a cohesive and well timed performance whilst revealing good stereo width. For the money, it's incredible! Available in RCA & DIN versions, very good for Subwoofer signals too.
Versions from £49
The Chord Company
Sarum Tuned ARAY Cable Range
High-end white audio cable
This is The Chord Company's reference product range which includes a mains lead, USB, interconnects and speaker cable, all based around 20 years of audio cable refinement. Introducing any one of the Sarum elements to your system feels like you've jumped to the best seat in the venue.
Models typically from £750
The Chord Company
Optichord Digital Cable
Black digital optical audio cable
The Optichord lead carries the digital audio signal from sources such as your PC, Mac, Sky Box or Bluray player to the digital input on your AV or HiFi system. With acutely polished terminations and high quality build all round, the Optichord does it better than the competition.
From £55