The Chord Company
Rumour Install Speaker Cable
Single and bi-wire terminated speaker cables
These speaker cables by The Chord Company excel above the standard copper types. Rumour incorporates a silver coated Teflon wrapped conductor resulting in a very fast and musical cable. Choosing Rumour or its big brother Odyssey for even the simplest audio systems makes a worthwhile upgrade.
Options from £16.50 per/m
The Chord Company
Power Chord Mains Lead
Purple IEC mains lead for HiFi systems
Yes, mains cables make a difference! And often easier to hear than a speaker cable demonstration. Clever screening helps reduce RF interference entering the lead and the electronics will benefit. The Power Chord is available at different lengths and best applied to the source component of the HiFi.
Options from £200 No loger Available
Power-Line Mains Cable
High-end power cable for hifi with unique plug ends
Naim totally rewrote the rule book for this HiFi mains cable. Not content with just developing an exceptionally well shielded cable, they designed a whole new plug and IEC connector as well. The Power-Line improves Naim HiFi components far beyond one's expectations.
The Chord Company
USB SilverPlus Cable
Blue and white specialist audio USB cable
If you're using a PC or MAC as a music source via the USB connection, The Chord Company SilverPlus will add to the party! This specialist USB cable consists of silver plated conductors, dual layer shielding and a vibration damping outer jacket...this means more music than a throw-away USB lead.
From £45 No longer available