The Chord Company
Cadenza Reference Interconnect Cable
Rich blue cables
The Cadenza, launched in 2011, is not just a pretty face. Beneath the blue, all the Chord Company hallmarks are there: Teflon insulation, VEE plugs, heavy gauge conductors and more, contributing to a very musical and open sound. Available in RCA and/or DIN versions at various lengths.
Options from £217.50 No longer available
The Chord Company
Epic Speaker Cable
2 core speaker cable terminated with gold plated 4mm plugs
Taking the classic Odyssey design model and adding layers of complex shielding simply elevates the music! Odyssey becomes Epic and jumps to being lightening quick with deep extended bass and extra clarity in the highs. One of our favourite HiFi products and should be auditioned.
£50 per/m
The Chord Company
Indigo Tuned ARAY Cable
Purple heavy duty hifi RCA cable with acrylic connectors
The new improved Indigo Tuned ARAY must be heard.The music flows effortlessly unleashing the real potential of the source, whether it's a high-end CD player, streamer or cartridge. Bass frequencies are particularly full and expressive. Available in RCA and XLR form starting at 1m lengths.
Options from £1100