Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Our contribution to keeping it green...

Bringing new electronic products into your home from us may not seem like the greenest move at first, but you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that our systems can bring a level of energy saving that you never thought was possible.

At the most basic level of energy saving, a centralised lighting system installed by us will use electronic dimmers to lower the light output from bulbs. The traditional rotary dimmer seen in so many properties does not actually save any electricity when turned halfway down for example.

We often integrate a lighting system, electric curtains and blinds and the heating control. This means that all of these can be monitored and controlled from a central 'brain' or processor. Add in sensors and timed events, and before you know it the system is automated to adapt to weather and light level changes. So the whole property can be kept at a certain temperature, rooms kept dark when not in use; all the things that we run around the house trying to do ourselves!

At Custom Electronic Design we do our best to always recommend high quality products, many are of European, US or Canadian design and only a small percentage are built in the Far East. We believe that if a product has a long shelf life and holds its value well, then there is an element of 'greenness' there. Some of our HiFi products for example are made by Naim Audio, and because of their ability to still service their high performance but earliest 1970s products, you will find that a piece of Naim HiFi hardly ever ends up in the bin or landfill.