Networks & WiFi

Networks & Wi-Fi

Be better connected

Is Wi-Fi all I need? Maintaining a good internet connection is crucial these days, whether it's for shopping online, when using Skype, or for business use and trading. Relying on wireless internet alone is a little too demanding and can lead to frustration. Carefully considering which items at home will be wireless and which will be on a hard-wired connection is a good basis for trouble free use.

Wired is the way Wi-Fi technology is improving all the time but other wireless signals as well as modern building materials can distort and block your connection. Along with installing one of our powerful secure wireless systems, we can plan and install a structured reliable wired network throughout your property. So many electronic items rely on a good connection for firmware updates, online and bonus services. The following list is a reminder of present technologies that work best with a wired internet connection...

  • Televisions
  • Sky and Virgin media boxes
  • Tabletop radios
  • Blu-ray disc players
  • HiFi muic streamers
  • Home cinema amplifiers and subwoofers
  • iPod docks
  • Phone systems
  • Lighting and energy monitoring systems
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Gate entry, alarm systems and CCTV cameras