Exciting New Arrivals from the Chord Company

Exciting New Arrivals from the Chord Company
New audio cables from Chord in red


The entire Chord Company interconnect range has undergone an impressive transformation that has resulted in an outstanding 'new' collection of products. The VEE 3 RCA plug - a unique and beautiful acrylic plug - that was initially introduced to Chord Company's flagship cables in 2011 is now present to all their products resulting in improved signal transfer. In addition, every interconnect  features new conductors/conductor configurations, improved shielding, better mechanical damping and a superior internal design.
Two of Chord Company's products, the Chorus and Anthem Reference, feature ARAY conductor technology (initially developed for use in the Sarum) along with the new VEE 3 RCA- an outstanding combination!
Most of the Chord Company range can be auditioned in our Showrooms or in the comfort of your own home. Cables make a super difference to the performance of any system.
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