Get Into The Groove - Our Turntable Range Expands

Get Into The Groove - Our Turntable Range Expands
Three record player brands and an image of a turntable

Here at Custom Electronic Design we're expanding our range of record players. For our customers looking for an entry level vinyl spinner we have customised Rega models made by Kevin Edwards. For the more discerning music lover we can now offer the ultimate groove; we've taken ages to decide which brands to support so that we can offer more sound for your pound compared to other HiFi outlets.

We're proudly teaming up with Acoustic Signature who make beautifully engineered turntables in Germany, imported by Air Audio. We've really taken to their extensive range, sound and style.

We've found a very exclusive tone-arm brand, Audio Origami, run by 'Johnnie', a very friendly and clever Scotsman who takes excellent Rega arms and customises them, taking the performance, build and finish sky high.

To pull those infectious beats from your black gold, there's no other cartridge like a Dynavector. Some of the finest Moving Coil needles come from this Japanese firm, and the great UK representation from Pear Audio is second to none when it comes to advice and experience.

To discuss and/or audition a great record playing combination please contact us