Naim Audio make a Statement with new amplification

Naim Audio make a Statement with new amplification
large black metal amplifier towers

Launched a the mighty CES show in Las Vegas Jan 2014, Naim Audio bring a new standard in audio amplification to the table. The top of the range, surpassing their 500 Series, pre amp and mono power amplifiers are named the NAC S1 and NAP S1.

Naim's goal was to produce a no compromise product, to create possibly the world's best HiFi amplifier. Since development started in 2011, every detail of performance led design was scrutinised and then realised by the team in Salisbury.

The set of amplifiers look beautiful, a shapely heat sink surrounds the electronics, a dividing acrylic section separates power supply and audio circuitry. Each of the NAP S1 amplifiers can produce 746Watts into 8Ohms, that's one horse power if you're asking! Each weighs 101Kg with dimensions of 940mm H x 56mm W x 383mm D.The NAC S1 houses 3x DIN, 3x RCA and 2x Balanced inputs for sources, weighs in at 61Kg and is 940mm H x 270mm W x 412mm D.

RRP for the set of 3 is £125,000

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