New Arcam Home Cinema Receivers for Summer 2013

New Arcam Home Cinema Receivers for Summer 2013
grey large heavy home cinema amplifier

The UK's leading brand of great sounding home cinema receivers have been at it again! The team at Arcam are ready to launch a new range of three superb AVRs. The new flagship AVR750 is available now, over the next few months the AVR450 and '380 will follow.

Arcam have always been unique when you compare their wares to typical amplifiers from the Asian market. Arcam keep setting up and facilities simple and to the minimum. They concentrate on making a great sounding circuit design, so that at any volume, and with any source in stereo or surround - the user enjoys great audio.

These latest amplifiers all have similar features but as the price rises, so does the performance and power output. Each however feature 4K video upscaling, IOS apps for extra control, dual HDMI out, class G amplification and so much more.

AVR750 £4000  100watts into 7 channels, out NOW

AVR450 £2200   90watts into 7 channels, due July

AVR380 £1500   75watts into 7 channels, due August