The New Cyrus One amp

Stunning new Cyrus One Amp now on Demo
Cyrus One amp

Thirty two years after the groundbreaking launch of the Cyrus 1 amp which heralded affordability to high quality sound, along comes the stunning new Cyrus One amp.

 This stunning looking Cyrus One is feature packed, boasting 100wpc of class D amplification, bluetooth aptx,  a MM phono stage,and even turns into a high quality headphone-amp when you connect your headphones via the front located headphone socket.In addition Cyrus has provided additional RCA phono sockets for the connection of CD players etc.

We hooked up this amp with a pair of Dynaudio Emit 20 loudspeakers to start with and the amp proceeded to automatically detect their impedence, next we started playing some tracks from Tidal music services and wow , we did'nt expect what we heard, the dynamics were what you would expect from more expensive systems,very musical with lots of detail,bass had lots of punch, and soundstage was deep.

Overall a very impressive amplifier priced at a very reasonable £699, this should be a very popular Cyrus product.