New Naim Audio Integrated Amplifier Range

New Naim Audio Integrated Amplifier Range
three black amplifiers in white background

"If it ain't broke it doesn't need fixing"...well Naim Audio it seems have ignored this and gone ahead and simply improved their amazing line up of integrated amplifiers anyway! As part of celebrating their 40th year of manufacturing and 30th year of making the great NAIT amplifier, it was time for shake-up it seems.

The three new amplifiers all enjoy new internal power supplies, upgraded components and wiring layouts. A headphone output features on all three. The new DR power supply runs the SUPERNAIT 2 and a considerable difference to the design comes in the removal of the digital input section.

Prices are as follows NAIT 5si £925, NAIT XS2 £1595 and SUPERNAIT 2 £2750. Due mid July 2013.

Contact Custom Electronic Design for further detailed info on the new range, and to listen too!