New Naim Classics DR Announced in Munich

New Naim Classics DR Announced in Munich
NAP 250 DR

Naim have today announced that they have revitalised and reintroduced the Classic Power Amplifiers with Statement transistors and DR (Discrete Regulator) technology. The new DR versions of the NAP 200, 250 and 300 will be available from June, with the 500 following in August. If you are already the proud owner of a NAP 250, 300 or 500, never fear, Naim will be announcing towards the end of this year how customers can go about getting their Power Amps upgraded, however this will not apply to the older "Olive Series" amplifiers as they will not be compatible.

Naim DR Technology (applied to their flagship Statement) has modified the amplification system and adapted it to handle higher current demands to provide a smooth, stable and low-noise power supply that is vital to audio performance. The new Classic Power Amplifiers have also been fitted with Naim's NA009 Transistors which delivers advantages in material properties, thermal stability and die matching over the previous reference, together with being a higher power device. 

In addition to these two new technologies the circuit board designs in all of the power amplifiers have been revisited, which alongside further small improvements to transistor mounting and heat-sinking, delivers substantial gains in performance.