New Naim compact DAC Pre-amp, the DAC-V1

New Naim compact DAC Pre-amp, the DAC-V1
Compact DAC pre-amp in black from Naim Audio


The DAC‐V1 has been designed to get stunning Naim sound quality directly from a PC, laptop or Mac via simple USB connection. With its asynchronous USB input the DAC-V1 has the ability to detect bit-perfect operation ensuring the audio sent from the computer is received unmodified. Being asynchronous also ensures the DAC-V1 is not reliant on the timing clock of the computer; instead it controls when the computer sends data. Audio files at up to 24bit/384kHz can be accessed from a wide range of specialist audio playback applications, such as iTunes, Windows Media Player.
More than that, the DAC-V1 can also integrate seamlessly into a traditional hi-fi system or be used with any two-channel digital audio source such as a games console, satellite box or any other device with a digital output via one of its five S/PDIF digital inputs.
This amazing compact, asynchronous USB Digital to Analogue Converter  also features precision volume control and a headphone amplifier.
The DAC‐V1 turns a computer into more than just a convenient audio source; it becomes a genuine, high‐end, high‐resolution music hub..
The DAC-V1 will enter production in February 2013 and will appear in Naim's classic back powder coated finish with a UK price at £1,250. Contact us to arrange a demonstration.