Security & CCTV

Security & CCTV

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Peace of mind The integrated home would not be complete without the option to view and control your security system. Presenting all of your CCTV cameras onto any TV in the property is just the start. Being able to allow door or gate entry from any room in the house (via the same control that you use for the TV) really puts you in control and saves you running over to a plastic handset by the front door.

Remote viewing whilst on holiday or on a business trip is easy, we can set up your laptop and smartphone to add this piece of mind at the touch of a button or app.

Installation CCTV has always been an effective deterrent. However, unless a system is professionally designed, installed and maintained, the resulting images can be disappointing and often inadmissible as evidence. When designing a system we use the home office guide lines for monitoring, detection, recognition and identification. We also consider exposure to direct sunlight, night images and more.

High definition Technology in recent years has improved dramatically; IP cameras can offer as many as five mega pixels in picture resolution. There are also HD (high definition) systems that operate over basic coax cable. These make superb replacement systems for existing ageing legacy CCTV networks. Our higher end CCTV systems can also be monitored along with your intruder alarm system to detect and identify criminals actually in the act and provide a suitable emergency response. A monitored system also helps us to look after your system alerting us when power is lost or a camera has been tampered with.