Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions

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Simplicity Imagine a single control panel to bring together all of your home's electronic functions, no need for an array of separate switches on your wall. A colour touch-screen can provide intercom, control and adjustment of music, radio and film selection, lighting, heating, allow you to view CCTV cameras and browse the internet.Wall touch panel to control the whole house

One button does it all A one button press can provide multiple tasks and trigger timers or sequences. In the TV or Cinema room, a button labelled “Play Movie” will lower the blinds and screen, slowly dim the lights, turn on the projector, bluray player and the whole sound system all at the perfect volume level. No more juggling remotes!

Peace of mind And this functionality doesn't need to be restricted to one room. Another touch panel by the front door for instance could have one button that ensures all of the lights in the house are off as you leave for the evening, but at the same time illuminate the driveway for 10 minutes whilst you get into your car and drive off.

Your automated home

  •     Driveway gates open as you approach in your car
  •     Lighting comes on as you enter a room
  •     Auto-adjust the blinds as the sunlight moves
  •     TVs retract into cabinetry or under the bed
  •     Baths fill to a set time or triggered from your Smartphone on the way home
  •     Check home security and cameras from your Smartphone or Office PC
  •     Automatically recline the cinema seating as the movie starts