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Naim Audio
Nap 200DR Stereo power amplifier
Naim Audio Nap 200DR  Power Amplifier
This When partnered with the Nac202 pre-amp gives a lovely detailed and foot tapping sound even at higher levels,it is rated at 70wpc but will drive many speakers with ease coping at 2ohms for long stretches.
Naim Audio
XPS DR power supply
The XPS DR is a simple and very effective upgrade for various Naim components such as CDX2,Nac-N272,DAC,NDS,NDX,ND5xs and the HDX The gains are noticed particularly in superior reolution and a wider dynamic range.
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Naim Audio
Hi-Cap DR power supply
Naim Audio HiCap DR power supply
The Hi-Cap DR gives sharper focus, greater image depth and overall clarity, plus purer sibilants and a more upbeat tempo which was demonstrated once the Hi-Cap was added to the amplifier, in this case Supernait
Focal JM Labs
Sopra 2 3 way floor loudspeaker
Focal Sopra2 3 way high-end loudspeakers
Build quality and sound are simply exempary, you can sit down with your glass of Burgandy knowing exactly that is where the cabinets are crafted coupled with Focals finest ever mid-range drivers delivering un-distorted crystal clear sound with our Naim system, which the Sopras were designed with
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