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NNT01 DAB/FM Tuner
Our ex-demo Naim Net NNT01 tuner which has one of the four outputs not working. It also has one or two marks. Comes supplied with it's original box. Serial number 266847 circa 2008. Please note this tuner requires professional installation and set-up it's not plug and play.
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Area 906 2 way loudspeaker
Focal Area 906 2 way Bookshelf loudspeaker in Walnut
The Aria 906 is packed with Focal’s latest driver technology, and the results are fantastic. I was smitten by the Arias’ huge soundstage, neutral midrange, and beautifully rendered highs. This bookshelf punches above its weight
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900 speaker stands
focal  Aria S900 speaker stands
The Focal Aria S 900 speaker stands are premium stands designed for use with the Aria 905 and 906 bookshelf speakers. Design and finish is of the very highest quality.
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Aria 926 Loudspeaker
Focal Aria 926 Loudspeaker
These floorstanders are an unqualified success; I really enjoy my time with them and I would recommend them to anyone in the market for such a speaker.
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