Seura Enhanced Series
Vanishing Television Mirrors
Vanishing TV mounted above bathroom sink, chnages to a mirror
Again, ideal for a bathroom, the Enhanced Series vanishes when not in use and becomes a mirror - blending perfectly with the room's decor. Colour corrected glass coatings ensure a perfect reflection whilst also maintaining correct colours and resolution during TV mode.
Options from £2695
Seura Hydra Series
Hydra Waterproof TVs
Small TV mounted inside a shower room
What's the point in having a bubble bath without your favourite soap! Seura's Hydra range is ideal for the bathroom or kitchen, available in any colour, and fits flush to match your decor. Fully waterproof and very tough, ideal for a busy kitchen environment even with food and toys flying around!
Options from £1595
Future Automation
Picture Moving Mechanism
Picture moving mechanism to hide TV
The ideal solution for keeping a beloved piece of art in its place whilst still being able to enjoy TV in that room. The motorised mechanism can smoothly slide many sizes of picture frame to reveal a flush-mount TV. Alternative versions give the option to move downwards or to the side, for example.
From £1100 + Installation
Future Automation
Panel Moving Mechanism
Living room shown with TV hidden by moving panel system
A great solution for a lounge or living room where hiding the TV within cabinetry is required. This mechanism is one of many versions that can move up, down or split two panels revealing a TV in the centre. Control can be via the supplied remote or ideally integrated into your whole house control.
From £5499 + Installation