Acoustic Signature
Storm Mk2 Turntable
silver heavy weight record player
A superbly well engineered turntable based on the 'high mass' approach. Unwanted vibrations and resonances are reduced enormously resulting in very well controlled bass, authority over the music and great timing and tempo. It's a 28Kg mass of a music machine and looks great in black too!
£4299, requires tonearm + cartridge
Acoustic Signature
Ascona Turntable
Massive highly engineered turntable with optional tonearm
Utilising 54 Acoustic Signature brass 'silencers' amongst the Ascona's 78Kg mass of perfectly machined aluminium mass, places this model amongst the best turntables ever made. With the right tonearm and cartridge, the Ascona will unlease the full musical potential out of your vinyl collection.
£18600, requires tonearm + cartridge
Renaissance Amplification
RP-01 MC Phono Stage
black, slim phono stage
How do they do it? Born from a small factory in Portsmouth, the RP-01 has been turning heads at our showrooms since we first heard it in 2008. This reassuringly heavy Moving Coil pre-amp takes the subtle signal of your cartridge and turns in the most natural, addictive and involving performance.